Ruby – July’s Gemstone of Hot & Spicy Fun

38d185aRuby is a semi precious gemstone often incorporated into a number of the most modern, beautiful handmade jewelry on the planet. It is most often found in colors of see-through or opaque crimson, and is widely recognized as the July Birthstone in addition to the gemstone for the 15th and 40th anniversaries. But beyond its modern day uses and organizations holds a decadent spiritual mythological and etymological history that adds nostalgic value to its strong aesthetic worth.

Ruby is a variety of the species Corundum, and is among the most sought-after precious colored gems on the planet.

Centuries ago, people believed that if a ruby were put in a pot of water, it would cause the water to boil. People also believed that if rubies were placed beneath the skin, they would generate a mysterious force field that would protect the wearer from mishaps. Crimson is in addition the color of blood–the life force of all humans.

They look best as parts of proper evening jewelry when paired with dark blue sapphire, black onyx or diamonds. More everyday mixes include softer contrasts of brilliant ruby reds with emerald clear quartz or pearls. This is usually considered an advanced gemstone that works well with any ensemble. In earrings, it works particularly well to enhance the luster of hazel or green eyes.

Rubies became a popular colored stone among European royals and other nobility due to their intense red color. Whenever a ruby was found, the emperor/royals sent people out to see and welcome the precious stone. The primeval Hindus believed that those who offered the God Krishna great rubies might be granted the life of an emperor in their next lives.

The ruby is frequently associated with the emotions of love, passion, majesty, power and rage. Attract others, rubies are also considered to open the heart, and overcome fear. They were also said to help forecast the future should they change color or intensity. Rubies were first mined 2500 years past.

It gets a score of 9, meaning that it’s quite scratch resistant and thus suitable as a component of jewelry. Ruby gemstones should be frequently cleaned by a professional or with mild soap and a soft rag and water. Other methods, including ultra sonic cleaners, are also acceptable as long as they’re not oiled. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your jewelry that is handcrafted as exposure to such elements can damage semi-precious and precious gemstones and pearls.

Glossy Red Gold Ruby Ring


The Ruby jewelry has ever been in demand as it is a worldwide favorite. It’s extremely difficult to locate a woman who doesn’t adore ruby ring. Red color signifies the feelings of passion and love and crimson is also the color of Ruby. As excellent gifts for the love ones Gold Ruby Ring is considered because of its relevance.


Ruby is an exceptionally rare gemstone and is regarded as the one that is most precious. Pure Corundum doesn’t have any color but the colour is provided by some other elements like iron chrome, titanium or vanadium.

Eternity Ring:

The word ruby was derived. The colour red is the most crucial thing about ruby which associates the two elements fire and blood. If it’s united with diamonds Ruby ring will probably be the eternity ring. Presents such as these will certainly boost up for a solid relationship.

Color Variations:

We’ve already understood red colour is the most crucial attribute of ruby. It’s located with different tones, though crimson is the main colour. Red rubies with blue to purple tones or yellowish to orange tones are found. Foil is the second thing that is significant. The shades may vary from light to dark. The process of heat treatment can enhances the colour of the gold ruby ring.

Comparison of Ruby with Diamond:

It’s difficult to say which one between diamond and ruby value more. Comparing the hardness between two gemstones, diamond is rougher compared to the ruby. Based on Mohs’ scale diamonds are most demanding at 10 and rubies are at 9. Any type of strong chemicals should be avoided.

Things to do while buying gold ruby ring:

There are certain matters to understand prior to buying gold ring. It is always a good thing to buy it from the reputed vendors so that you’d not have any whine later on. In the event you like the most amazing one then you need to likely go for the Burmese. Credibility test is must as rubies are the most high-priced and rare gemstones.

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